I’m Jango Fett

Some things I learned about tick or treaters in my neighborhood.

1. Only 15 kids came knocking last night.  15!  I know my neighborhood isn’t the swankiest but come on!

2. If your kid isn’t able to walk, more than likely he or she isn’t old enough to eat candy.  Just go buy yourself a bag and stop mooching off of me and your kid.

3.  I gave my dog a bone to occupy him while the doorbell rang.  He was afraid the kids would steal his “candy” so he would run and hide in his kennel with it until they left.  That tuckered the poor guy out.


4. I had a little boy come up to the door and I said, “Awesome! Boba Fett!” Deadpan 7 year old said, “No. I’m Jango Fett” and walked off.  Kids these days have no respect for their elders or classics like the original three Star Wars movies.

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween… and didn’t eat too much sugar-free candy if you go that route.  We all know what happens if you eat too much.

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