Happy World Diabetes Day!

So many great things happening today on World Diabetes Day. I hope you’re sporting blue!


(I’m dressed head to toe in it and showing off my new necklace!)

Below are a few ways you can join in and spread awareness to our invisible disease. 

Have friends or family that want to experience what it is (kind of) like to have diabetes for a day? Have them take the T1D 4 A Day Text Challenge. It’s a great way for people to share their support to PWD everywhere!

Diabetes Won’t Stop Me: Make a short video sharing why diabetes won’t stop you from… climbing a 14er, being a mom, getting straight A’s, anything! Make sure to tag it with #DWontStopMe  Check out the creators post here.

On Twitter and Facebook type in #WDD or #WDD13 and see everyone out their joining in!

Hope you are all living life to the fullest with diabetes in tow!


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