Pink is Not the New Black

So I have an Animas Ping and it came with a pink rubber protector thingy.  I use it because I (aka door knobs and frames, counters and other random items) can be a bit rough on my pump.  The pump itself is silver and usually when it is in its bare form no one really takes notice of it except my boss who calls it my GoPro Pump.  But when I have the pink rubber case on it, it sticks out like a sore thumb.  Pink, is definitely not the new black.  I wear a nice outfit, that for once in my life is put together, and there peeking out below my shirt is something that resembles a dirty item one would buy at an adult only store.  It’s embarrassing.   So now every day I get dressed I think to myself, do I wear my pump so it looks like a sex toy… or do I bang it up and leave it with a few battle scars?  Ahh decision, decisions.

FYI: Orange is the New Black is an excellent book and great TV show as well.  I recommend reading and watching both.  


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