Frozen Pants

This post is a little random so here we go.

This morning as I stepped out of the shower and started to dry off I looked down and saw my infusion set, Dexcom sensor and Optiflex tape covering my sensor tape (peeling but still doing its job).  I sighed.  *Sigh…* A big one.  Sometimes I wish I didn’t have all of these gadgets stuck to me.  I know that they are helping me immensely and I would be lost without them and most likely my a1c would be much higher than it is… but still it would be nice to go a day or two sans electronics.  Then I put on some pants and it all disappeared until I hooked up my pump and stuffed my receiver into my pocket.  So I got about 2 seconds of I can’t see anything attached to me!

Now on to another piece of the random post.

I don’t know if this happens to any other PWD that use Optiflex tape but after I shower sometimes water gets trapped underneath the tape and slightly bubbles up and sticks around until it either evaporates or I kind of push it out and then dry it off.  If I’m the only one then this makes no sense to anyone.  This morning after I showered (look above) I did not dry off the tape all that well, put on my pants and went on my way.  It is currently -12 here in Denver.  It’s cold.  It’s bone chilling cold.  It’s ________ (fill in the blank with any explicit you want) cold! I got to work and noticed that a single spot on my lg was freezing. After I took off my layers of mittens, hat, coat and scarf I looked down to my upper thigh right by my left pocket and there was a half dollar size of frozen pant.  Apparently the water finally decided to leak its way out of the tape and absorb into my jeans.  Then walking into work it froze.  And now I have frozen pants.  Well partially frozen pants.

Stay warm out there everyone!  


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