I’m not married… really.

Pharmaceutical Rep: “Marital Status?”

Me: “Single.”

Rep: “Separated or divorced…”

Me: “Nope.  Just, single.”

Rep: “Really? Never married?”

Me: “Really.”

I’m not sure why that’s such an absurd answer.  Yes, I am a single 30 year old woman and that’s okay.  Why do you even need to know?  Does that answer really affect how many test strips I get in my next order?  Are you looking for a date?  Sorry, I’m only interested in men.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


But in the diabetic world sometimes I feel like I have a diabetic husband.  His name is Stephen and I am very fortunate to have him in my life.  Granted, lately he’s been lacking a little bit but I’ll let him slide seeing how his wife just gave birth to their second child.


Stephen and I met through the JDRF mentoring program here in Denver. Soon after that we realized our need for a group that was for t1d adults… so we created the A-1 Team.

The past four years we have taken a group of maybe 5 people and grown it to more than 200.  Especially in the past two years our efforts have been huge.  We try to host a family/kid friendly event that matches t1d kids up with t1d adults showing them we survive, don’t loss limbs, or go blind like all of the horror stories would lead us to believe.  We go to the JDRF Dream Gala and drink booz… errr diet soda and dance our butts off.  We raise money for the Walk to Cure Diabetes every year.  We are a community, no, family of type 1 diabetics and it is wonderful.  And with that family you have a momma and a papa and that is Stephen and me.  He’s there for me if I ever need to talk, he supports me, and he picks up the slack when I need him to.  He’s one of the first diabetic friends I made over the 18 years of having this disease.

So long story short… maybe next time someone is talking to me about diabetes and then asks me about my marital status I will say, yes, I’m married.  And I have about 200 children.


3 thoughts on “I’m not married… really.

  1. I was one of your first ‘children’ and you were my first diabetic friend – hell my first diabetic in the wild sighting after 5 lonesome T1 years! Thank you for all that you have done from the conception of the A1Team to all of the work it takes to keep a 200 person family constantly learning and growing. Your work is appreciated ‘Mamma’ 😉

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