Hungry Hungry Low Hippo

I don’t know where it comes from. It sneaks up on me.  The low where I want to eat everything and anything in my sight. 


I understand demolishing the fridge when you wake up at 2am, sweaty, shaky, panicked with a low blood sugar.  Lord knows I’ve eaten my fair share of bowls of cereal, scoops of ice cream, bottles of juice, slices of bread until my sugars come back up (WAY UP and then bolus to correct).  

But when I’m having a “typical” low sometimes I get the… let’s eat whatever is close by.  And I KNOW I don’t need to.  But I am ravenous it’s so hard not to go overboard.  The whole 15 grams and wait 15 minutes is not bs but man alive sometimes I want it be more like 75g and 5 mins.  And I feel like the birds from Finding Nemo.  Mine!  Mine!  Mine!

To be honest… I’m having one of those lows so that’s why I am writing this.  This way I don’t scarf down the entire vending machine at work but damn does a KitKat sound delish. 



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