Ill-placed CGM

I wanted to give my legs a little breather from CGM and pump action.  It was starting to look like I had a case of the chicken pox solely on my thighs.  So this afternoon after taking a 3-day break from my Dexcom I decided to place it at belly button line on the right side of my stomach.  After attaching the transmitter I regretted placing it there instantly.  It looks like I have a rounded rectangular shaped growth.  Maybe it’s just the dress I am wearing but I try to hide my chubby waist line… not emphasize it.  I’m hoping tomorrow’s outfit fairs better for me but for now, I’ll just tie a sweatshirt around my waist and call it a day (and pretend it is 1996 when it was fashionable to wear sweatshirts around waists.)

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