Guilt and Pretzel Rolls

Emotions can run high… just like my blood sugars.

Sometimes when my blood sugar is high or I eat a lot of carbs…I don’t want my doctor to see my daily total go up or an outrageous bolus size.  So I give myself a good ole fashioned shot.  A few days ago I took 10 units from my pen because a sticky high would not come down. (It was sticky because I kept grazing from a gift basket sent to my department).

I know I shouldn’t be ashamed but I am.  I feel guilty for not being tighter with my control, for eating too many carbs, for going over the “green line of doom!” on the Dexcom.

I doubt I’m the only one that feel this.  Guilt is a powerful feeling, especially in diabetics.

So yes, I don’t want to rage bolus for a third time when my blood sugar won’t drop below 200 or when I say, “damnit, I’m having that pretzel roll!”  Mmm… pretzel roll.  But I will, just maybe in shot form.

That’s it for now because I must find a pretzel roll.



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