What’s Your Most Important Number?

I know that every time you test your blood sugar the number that comes out is valuable information.  But for me, for some reason I feel like my morning blood sugar is the most important.  Maybe because I don’t know what my sugars have been doing for 8 hours and when I rock a 120, I know I’ve been in my target range for a good chunk of time.  Granted, I didn’t really do anything to make it drop or spike but…nonetheless it feels good.  (And no I’m not perfect because clearly you were all thinking that, I know.  There are definitely nights where I go low or Dexcom wails at me that I’m climbing into the 300’s for some unknown reason. #diabeticmystery)

And don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE the feeling when I nail a bolus for an unexpected snack or a carb heavy meal or I exercise and drop my basal rate just the right amount.  They are all small victories and I mentally high five myself (sometimes I physically slap my hands over my head too).   But that morning blood sugar win gets me going on the right foot and sometimes sets the pace for the day.  Until I have coffee.  Then all bets are off. 

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