Some Days I Should Just Stay Home

So it’s 10am here in Colorado and I’ve already had a fantastic day.

  1. Went to bed last night at 6pm (true story).  Kids were playing in the streets, neighbors were mowing their yards, I was blacking out my windows.  I’ve had a sore throat that feels like I’ve had heartburn but it’s not, for the past four or five days.  Then came a slight cough.  I decided to kick its ass because I have a bachelorette party this weekend and I’m NOT missing it.  So I took drugs and went to sleep. (Note: I’m still sick)
  2. Since I’ve been pseudo sick my blood sugars have been raging so I’ve been bolus/basal raging as well draining my reservoir much sooner than anticipated.  But I brought all my supplies to change out my pump this morning at work… except for insulin.
  3. Xcel (power company) decided to turn off my power this morning to cut down tree branches in the neighborhood getting too close.  That’s fine and all but when I arrive at work late, with dripping hair, no makeup on and somewhat dirty after opening and closing my garage door manually… things could have gone a bit smoother.
  4. I forgot a brush to dry my hair with at work.
  5. A strap on my sandal broke, now making it an annoying flip flop version of itself.
  6. And I just realized that I forgot my entire diabetes kit at home including my meter and back up pen.  But I have a new reservoir and infusion set!

Can it be 5pm yet?

And I realize this is more of a rant than diabetes post but some days, I need to vent.


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