So it’s Monday and after 2-3 weeks, I’m still sick. I think I am on the mend but this cough is still nasty.

But I haven’t posted in what feels like forever and sometimes on a Monday, you need a pick me up. I know a lot of people are fascinated by cats these days (not necessarily real life ones) but my friends and I meow at each other, I own this sweatshirt,


and Grumpy Cat is all the rage.  (And rightly so, look at his face!)

So on this fine Monday morning I bring to you a mechanical kitten I came across while at a bachelorette party.  I had to take a video of it for the bride to be because she would appreciate it the most.  I sent her the video along with this message, “I walked past it and it just started to meow and paw at me.  At first it startled me then I sat on the floor with people walking around me so I could record it.  I’m 31…”  She just laughed at me.

Happy Monday and perhaps this week I will finally get my act together and write an actual diabetic post but who knows… I am working nights.


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