I’m frustrated.  Expletive frustrated.  My blood sugars have been wildly out of control this week.  I keep waking up to sugars in the 300’s.  I bolus and it drops but only slightly.  I take injections usually around 10 units just so I can see a dent in my sugars.  I use increased basal rates while I’m sleep which I hate to do but I am so over being woken up by my Dexcom I don’t care anymore.  I’ve changed out pod after pod thinking maybe it’s faulty.  My insulin is fresh, my skin is clean, I’m not eating outrageous things that make me spike.  Argh…  I don’t want to blame the Omnipod but I swear I haven’t had problems like this with any other pump so I once run out of insulin in this pod (which at this rate won’t take too long) I am going back to my Animas.  Or hell… maybe even my Medtronic.  I am beyond frustrated and just want to see a number below 170 (my green line on Roxy) and stay there for more than an hour.  BLERG!  That is all. Carry on.

2 thoughts on “$*!%&#@(#$*%^&@

  1. Hi Jillian,

    I experienced a similar situation this past summer, and I know that it is beyond frustrating. I truly hope that it resolves itself just as quickly as it came on for you. In my predicament, the high sugars seemed to come on out of nowhere and persisted for daysss. My vision was blurry, I was peeing every 5 minutes, I could see the concern on my doctors’ and nurses’ faces when I weakly stumbled into the diabetes clinic. We really jacked up my basal insulin to pull out of the high cycle that I was in. I am unsure what caused it, but I did have minor illness symptoms like a stuffy nose and a slight sore throat. I’m sure you’ve probably gone over the list of possible culprits a million times already, but do you feel sick at all? Maybe your liver is releasing boatloads of sugar to combat a virus? By chance I happened to have an appointment at my diabetes clinic the week that I was going through this, and my nurse really helped me with some mega-nighttime basals so that I could at least drop overnight. I would suggest calling your doctor and insisting that someone see you if possible. Even if that doesn’t improve things physically, it helped me to not be so isolated in fighting the high sugars. Again, I hope that it resolves for you ASAP!


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