Scary Thought

I am a dreamer.  Like the kind you have when you are sleeping, not a person whose dreams and plans are not practical or based in reality.  (Well sometimes I’m that kind too but right now I am talking about the Sandman kind.)

When I dream, they are extremely vivid.  I have many that are influenced by what’s going on in my life and these dreams seem very real to me.  What’s scary though is last night I had a dream where I was having coffee with a friend and needed to take insulin.  I dialed in my bolus and went on my merry way.  Then I suddenly woke up and realized my hand was on my pump.  I sat straight up and thought, “oh my god, what if I ‘slept pumped’ (like sleep walking).” I went into my history to see when the last time I bloused was.  Thankfully it was 9pm the night before and not at 4am.  But could you imagine!?  What if I had?  What if I hadn’t woken up and I had a severe low after blousing 3.5 units in my sleep?

I would say these are the things that keep me up at night but that’s a lie.  These are the things that haunt my dreams apparently.


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