Wordless Wednesday: Night of the Living Low

lowLast night I woke up to find I was severely low.  So low it just said LOW.  Yeah, one of “those” lows.  So I went to the kitchen and gulped down my 8 sips of orange juice.  Usually that picks me up and I’m good to go.  Apparently not last night.  As you can see I was low pretty much from about 1am until 7am with a teeny tiny peak around 4am of 80. So I kept eating.  Like a never ending circle, I kept eating.  Crasins were my go to snack.  I brought my Costco size bag to my bedroom, got back under the covers (it’s -2 here in Denver so there was no way I was staying in the cold longer than I had to) and I started watching Netflix to keep myself awake.  I ate handful after handful and watched four full episodes of Hart of Dixie. (I don’t know why I chose that show in my low induced fog but I did).  I was awake for easily four hours last night, shivering, low, eating an insane number of calories and carbs, and pissed off.

I don’t know how many carbs I ate.  I don’t know why I was low for such a long time.  But I do know I didn’t get enough sleep so before I go to bed tonight I am eating a peanut butter sandwich with a  glass of milk like I use to back in the good ole days.  That was my bedtime snack to help me sustain a stable blood sugar while I slept.  Who knows what it really did for me, my NPH middle of the night spike, and no Dexcom back then, but it seemed to work so I’m trying it again.


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