Oppe for the Win!

Lately I’ve been having a few lows before I go to bed.  Right when I get comfy under the covers my Dexcom goes off.  Not the best timing but better than in the middle of the night.  Any who, I keep a Carpi Sun on my nightstand so hopefully I don’t have to get out of bed.  What… I’m lazy, it’s winter and I’m all snuggled up.

Since I’ve had so many of these bedtime lows I’ve gotten really good at throwing away the juice pouch without even looking for my tiny trash can.

I would have to say 4 out of 5 times after I gulp down the fake juice I throw the foily pouch over my shoulder and hear it land with delight (no swish) into my plastic bin.  I look over and there it is sitting on top.  Not too bad!

I’m pretty sure I’m the Larry Bird-of Capri Sun-nothing but net- three pointers in my trashcan-diabetic champ.  At least in my house.


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