All Tricks no Treats


So I’ve been without a working Dexcom transmitter for months now.  I really miss having it.  Like REALLY miss.  Though some how I’ve been able to keep my sugars in check and still keep my a1c in the mid to low 6’s.  Perfectly fine.  But I just entered a study that gave me a sensor to wear for a week.  I’ll take it!

I put the first sensor in this morning around 8am.  Holy shiz ballz that hurt like hellz.  I’ve never had a sensor feel like that.  I pushed the needle about halfway in and thought to myself EFF NO!  And I have a fairly high threshold for pain.  The day wore on and the I kept getting ???’s and the slash through the wireless signal.  Unfortunately my study clinician(?) didn’t know much about the system so I took a look.  The transmitter was dead.  (Stupid G5 and its 3 month lifespan.  What are you, a fruit fly!?!?)  I digress.

So they got me a new system.  I swapped out the transmitter and receiver but kept in the same sensor.  3 hours later till nothing but ??? marks across the top.  I grumble to myself and decide to make sure the set up is correct and to put in a new sensor because if it hurt that much, maybe there is blood pooling around inside that is causing it to error.  So I take out the sensor.  Right when I pick up the receiver the ???’s disappear and show that I’m in the last chunk of time before it asks me to calibrate. Go FY receiver!!!

I sucked it up and inserted a new sensor, this time on the other side of my stomach and FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING GOOD AND HOLY WHAT THE WHAT.  I was at work so I walked outside and finished inserting the needle so I could yell out some expletives and not bother my co-workers.  Once again it felt like someone was pulling out my fingernails or a hundred wasps stung me in one place.  What the hell is going on!

It is now in, taking its sweet ass two hour time to figure out my fluids.  But damnnnnnn… Maybe I had just gotten use to the feeling of the sensors over the years because I do not remember a time like that before.

It may be Halloween but I think the trick is on me. No treats to be had…

And on that note, here are a few real bloody pictures from my study this morning when they had to scrape cells out of my veins.  Delightful!


Oh and happy 3rd Anniversary to my sad little blog.  I stopped for a while due to many things but that’s no excuse.  It’s not like I had a baby or some legitimate reason!


PPPS: Happy Birthday to Jen J my fab friend who is also a dweep!


3 thoughts on “All Tricks no Treats

  1. I hate it when my sensor hurts as I insert it. I hope the cell scraping site is doing well.

    This item has been referred to the TUDiabetes Blog page for the week of October 31, 2016

  2. I need to get back on the sensor train and get my dweep butt back in good A1C shape. Thanks for the inspiration and also the reminder of what a pain it is… literally.

    thanks for the shout out sister!

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