This is Not a D-Post

A few nights ago I tried to help a woman out of a violent domestic situation in a parking lot after hearing cries for help. I asked her if she was ok or needed help. She was sobbing and yelling, “please stop” while her boyfriend was screaming and calling her awful things.

Unfortunately, after many attempts of persuading her to come with me and that I would take her somewhere safe, she got back into his car and he sped off. I called the police, notified the store they may want to get the security cameras/footage ready and I hope things ended well(?).

I personally know I would rather try to help than think, “Oh, someone else will step in” and then the worst happens. Too many think it’s not their problem and step aside. But it is up to us to make our community and world a safe one.

I know that this scenario wasn’t fueled over civil rights but after seeing the aftermath from Tuesday’s decision, it still felt relevant. We need to be there for each other, no matter what side you’re on. Be kind to each other. Treat everyone equally. Be a good person. Please.

The End.

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