Hi, my name is Jillian and I am Type 1 Diabetic.  Hi, Jillian… (I always feel like I’m in AA for diabetics.  DA, but sadly not Dumbledore’s Army)

I was diagnosed November 8th, 1996 at the tender yet ornery age of 13.
To manage my diabetes I use a:
– Animas Ping insulin pump   (For 7 years used a Medtronic Paradigm pump named Gidget and I have an Omnipod I use on occasion)
– Dexcom G4 CGM named Roxy
– Occasionally a Humalog insulin pen-
-I am a patient at the Barbara Davis Center in Colorado which is utterly amazing.

After reading inspiring d-bloggers such as Kerri at Six Until Me , Kim at Texting My Pancreas, and Jacquie at Typical Type One, I knew I wanted to write my own blog.  It took me a few years to finally do it but I did and started I in October of 2013 (pretty much Halloween).  I’m a big believer in the DOC and very grateful for all of us out there!

Random Facts:
-I have one of the cutest dogs ever!
-I love me a dirty chai.  Iced or hot.
-What I wanted to be when I grew up (and still want to be) comedian, baker, Conan O’Brien’s director.
-I still haven’t done a vlog because I hate how I look and sound on camera.  Maybe I’ll get drunk one night and do it…
-Some of the best shows out there are Battlestar Galactic, The League, Breaking Bad, Happy Endings, and oodles more.

And most importantly, I’m not a doctor or anything close to being one!  So if you have any questions or concerns please talk to your healthcare provider/  These are all my own opinions and thoughts and should have no impact on your personal diabetes management.

If you stuck around for all that, thanks for reading!!

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