Why Push My Buttons

I am a bit of a self proclaimed nerd.  I like, no, love, Battlestar Galactica.  I dress up every Halloween, sew pinafores, dye my hair, buy “finds” at thrift stores just in case it might come in handy some day all for that one day.   I recreated a scene from Titanic out of Barbies and her pink corvette sinking in my bathtub because I love creating “films”.

So when my pump arrived, I thought, score… I am now a machine.

Then the day came along when I met a boy that I liked.  And that day turned into a relationship.  And then the relationship made its way into the bedroom.  (Please stop reading here if you have no idea what may come next.  I don’t want to scar your delicate, frail mind.)  And sometimes items you use to manage your diabetes pop up in the bedroom.  Sure significant others know about finger pokes, low blood sugars, and what your pump is… but me being the nerd I am, and in my awful attempt to “flirt” I said, “Push my buttons to turn me on”.  And yes, I said it in a robot voice.  He laughed and I told myself I had a keeper.  (Keeper until the next one came along!)

But I thought the witty play on words,” turn me on” and the voice of a robot, because clearly I am hooked up to an electronic machine, might be a good ice breaker.  And it was.

So there you go.  Why I chose “Push My Buttons to Turn Me On”.

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