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This is Not a D-Post

A few nights ago I tried to help a woman out of a violent domestic situation in a parking lot after hearing cries for help. I asked her if she was ok or needed help. She was sobbing and yelling, “please stop” while her boyfriend was screaming and calling her awful things. Continue reading This is Not a D-Post

Wordless Wednesday: Night of the Living Low

lowLast night I woke up to find I was severely low.  So low it just said LOW.  Yeah, one of “those” lows.  So I went to the kitchen and gulped down my 8 sips of orange juice.  Usually that picks me up and I’m good to go.  Apparently not last night.  As you can see I was low pretty much from about 1am until 7am with a teeny tiny peak around 4am of 80. So I kept eating.  Like a never ending circle, I kept eating.  Crasins were my go to snack.  I brought my Costco size bag to my bedroom, got back under the covers (it’s -2 here in Denver so there was no way I was staying in the cold longer than I had to) and I started watching Netflix to keep myself awake.  I ate handful after handful and watched four full episodes of Hart of Dixie. (I don’t know why I chose that show in my low induced fog but I did).  I was awake for easily four hours last night, shivering, low, eating an insane number of calories and carbs, and pissed off.

I don’t know how many carbs I ate.  I don’t know why I was low for such a long time.  But I do know I didn’t get enough sleep so before I go to bed tonight I am eating a peanut butter sandwich with a  glass of milk like I use to back in the good ole days.  That was my bedtime snack to help me sustain a stable blood sugar while I slept.  Who knows what it really did for me, my NPH middle of the night spike, and no Dexcom back then, but it seemed to work so I’m trying it again.

Political Ads Make Me Go Ugh

***I wrote this about two weeks before Election Day but hesitated to post due to the fact I am a journalist and am suppose to be biased. Now that the election is over I feel more comfortable posting.***

Colorado is known as a purple state. We are much divided. We love our guns. We love our pot. We love and then hate and then love gay marriage. (Just pass the damn bill and let it be!) And this year’s race for Governor, Senate, and Congress is in full swing…and so are the political ads. I work for a news station so I see ads probably more often than a normal person. And yes they are annoying, usually false, and when they use a statistic about their candidate that is over 4 years old, I dismiss it completely. (Find some new “dirt” or move on!) But there is one ad that is playing a lot and it’s about type one diabetes and stem cell research. What this mother says about diabetes and her daughter really grinds my gears. Watch it here.

The claims this mother makes are ridiculous. While they are technically true, if someone ever said them to me, I would slap them. “Nine times a day she checks her blood sugars to make sure she doesn’t have seizures. “ I know having seizures is something that can happen but aren’t you checking your sugars for more than that one reason? If that was your biggest worry then hell, go ahead and let her sugars run high. Maybe she’ll just go into DKA but hey, it’s not a seizure! And then, “I know a diabetic child has a shorter lifespan.” WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT! I know it may be true that we don’t live until we’re 95 but that doesn’t mean we won’t have healthy, happy, long lives. It just sounds so terrible when you say that we’ll die young. Like we’re missing out on a wonderful life filled with happiness. I’d hate to have a mother like that and have her tell me I’m going to die before everyone else and that I could fall over and seize at a moment’s notice.

“Who is Mike Coffman to put his personal beliefs ahead of my child’s life?” Who are you to use your daughter’s disease to bully viewers and push your agenda!?

Alright, I’m done.  Just wanted to vent about it.

(These opinions are my own. I am not stating I am for or against Mike Coffman. I just know I am over this bullshit.)

Basal Rates

I understand changing your rates.  There are times when you do so more often.  You’re pregnant, on a new medication, exercise regiment is different.  What I don’t get is why all of a sudden I’m high around 2 am, then dropping to about 55 at 6am and then spiking back up into the 200’s by 10am.  And that’s without eating or taking any insulin.

Did my hormones all of a sudden go completely out of whack?  Is my body rebelling against me even more?  What the h-e-double hockey sticks is going on!?

It is beyond frustrating.  I’ve been doing everything you can to stay in control, especially overnight.  All I want is more than 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep without Roxy yelling at me. First it’s just a peep saying, “I’m high.”  Then it moves on to, “Pay Attention to Me!”  Then finally, “I SAID LOOK AT ME!

This happened to me a few months ago and I can’t figure out if this is a similar situation or if some new factor has reared its ugly head.  So after three nights of being pissed off I am changing my basal rates Again and hopefully I’ll have some success.

I imagine a Dexcom is kind of like having a baby.  But when a real baby wails you can’t throw it across the room, hide it under your pillow, or ignore until you’re finally back in range.


Nightmare on Elm Street

Or in my case… Marion Street

I’m sure most people know the premise of Nightmare on Elm Street.  A bunch of teenagers (including Johnny Depp making his big screen debut) are stalked and killed in their dreams (and thus killed in reality) by a severely burned man named Freddy Krueger.  So to avoid being murdered in their sleep they stay awake for days.  They drink pots of coffee, take caffeine pills, listen to blaring music.

Last night I woke up around 4am to a blaring Dexcom saying I was low…and man did I feel crappy.  My tongue was numb, I was sweaty, vision was blurry.  I popped the straw into my nightstand Capri Sun and gulped it down.  Then I waited for the sugar to kick in.  But waiting for your sugar to come, especially in the middle of the night when you are beyond tired, is ridiculously difficult.  I just want to close my eyes and hope I drank enough carbs that will get me through to the morning.  So I went to Facebook, I put on music, and I played a game of Candy Crush waiting until I felt better.  I noticed another D-pal was on Facebook after dealing with her second low of the night.  Her post: “The calories I consumed during my two (yes two) low blood sugars’ refrigerator binges (so far) don’t count. Right? I said right?! (I’m looking at you Halloween)”

That got me thinking. How many of us are there up in the middle of the night at the same time, and what do we all do to pass the time until we feel better?  Granted there are times where I am literally sitting on my kitchen floor, eating straight out of the fridge and the only thing I can do is eat till I feel better.   Then I bolus.  (Don’t judge, we’ve all done it.)

What do you do to stay awake?  Wake up your partner until you feel better?  Walk the halls until you’re not tingly anymore?  Stare at your meter and Dexcom until you see the arrow pointing up to safety? Hopefully no one is taking such drastic measures as the kids living on Elm Street but whatever it takes, right?  They’re trying to survive Freddy, we’re trying to survive a low blood sugar.  It’s all relative… kinda.

Oh and maybe it’s just me but after a middle of the night low, waking up the next morning is almost impossible.  I usually sleep through my alarm, wake up late and then drag ass half the day.  Ugh.

And for your viewing pleasure, Johnny Depp in a belly football shirt.