Diabulimia is a very scary and serious eating disorder that is seen far too often in diabetics.

I was one.

I didn’t take my insulin to help with my weight.  I like to say that I was  lazy and didn’t take care of myself and that’s why I didn’t take insulin.  Well if being lazy was the reason, the weight loss was a big perk in my eyes.  I was a thin teenager and had my first boyfriend.  What wasn’t to love?

But  now because of those choices I made I have severe retinopathy in both eyes.  I have had multiple laser treatments, injections , and two vitrectomies because my eyes were bleeding on the inside and I couldn’t see.  I know that not taking care of myself isn’t the only reason I have diabetic retinopathy, but I also know it was a major factor.

To this day (and every day) I struggle with my weight but I deal with it.  Some days really well, other days I cry and cry.  But thankfully I have come to realize (or maybe because I learned the hard way) I have to take care of myself and I do.

If this is you, or has been you, or you think complications won’t happen… in reality, they very well could.  Just one of the bad things about diabetes is that you don’t see the repercussions until it’s too late.  Until you do care.  There is help out there.  You will find love.  Not because you are skinny, or don’t have t1d… but because you are you.  And they’ll love you for you.  And your disease, just the way you are.

To read more about diabulimia follow the links below:

And for help look at the Diabulimia Hotline.  People share their stories, resources, information.

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  1. We Are Diabetes is a US based organization that helps T1Ds who struggle with eating disorders. We have worked with hundreds of type 1 diabetics to help them gain the support, resources and guidance that they need to overcome this incredibly dangerous disease! Please visit http://www.wearediabetes.org for more information!

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