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I’m frustrated.  Expletive frustrated.  My blood sugars have been wildly out of control this week.  I keep waking up to sugars in the 300’s.  I bolus and it drops but only slightly.  I take injections usually around 10 units just so I can see a dent in my sugars.  I use increased basal rates while I’m sleep which I hate to do but I am so over being woken up by my Dexcom I don’t care anymore.  I’ve changed out pod after pod thinking maybe it’s faulty.  My insulin is fresh, my skin is clean, I’m not eating outrageous things that make me spike.  Argh…  I don’t want to blame the Omnipod but I swear I haven’t had problems like this with any other pump so I once run out of insulin in this pod (which at this rate won’t take too long) I am going back to my Animas.  Or hell… maybe even my Medtronic.  I am beyond frustrated and just want to see a number below 170 (my green line on Roxy) and stay there for more than an hour.  BLERG!  That is all. Carry on.

The Hunt for Red October… or a new pump

So I am jumping the Medtronic ship. Most likely to either Animas Ping or Roche (Accu-chek) Combo. They both offer a remote meter style pump and they both have their ups and downs. I met with reps from each company yesterday and this list is just where I started when asking them about their products. I think I wore them out… What else would you have asked?

Is there a meter that talks with the pump?

Using just the pump/using just the remote:

-Can I enter my bsg, carbs and it figures out how much I need

-Can I enter just my bsg and it gives me a correction

-Can I enter just carbs and it figures out how much I need

-Can I manual bolus (increments sizes)

Am I able to cancel during middle of bolus?

Battery: Can I use a rechargeable battery? Do I have to reprime after I change it?

When I suspend or stop my pump how often does the alarm go off?

Can I view daily totals and trends?

Is it waterproof?

How far is range from meter to pump?

Does it come with software so I can download at home? Can my doctors have access to my records without me going into the office? Does the software work on a Mac?

Will this pump have CGM integration

If a new version comes out is there an upgrade fee or do I have to wait my four years and then buy a new one?

How big is the reservoir?

What kind of infusion sets do you offer. Tubing length, cannula size, metal vs plastic, inserter or manual

What kind of belt clips does your pump come with?

What colors is it offered in?

Will the screen scratch easily or is it protected?

How fast is the insulin delivered?

Do you offer travel pumps? Is there a fee?