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Things I Learned in a Single Night…

…From a few diabetic friends and  “few” glasses of wine.

This past Tuesday evening I attend Denver’s ADA Father of the Year Gala.  I was fortunate enough to get tickets through my work and took two t1d friends.  Let’s just say quite a bit of wine was consumed, an infusion set went wonky, and I couldn’t have asked for a better night.

Here are a few things I learned:

-You test each other’s blood sugar though I can’t quite remember why Jay couldn’t do his own.

-You are willing to repeatedly ask different groups of people (who also attended the gala) if they have a spare needle.  Finally found one from I swear the only other diabetic at the event.

-You insert infusion sites on each other.  Once again I don’t know why I did that for Jay instead of himself.

-They carry around cans of pineapple juice in their suit pocket (which has reached approximately 90 degrees in temperature) and get you a glass of ice to go with it when you are low.

-When you hug and feel a dexcom sensor on their arm, it’s not weird.  It’s comforting.  Not sure if that’s the right word…but it seems fitting.

-They have your back when someone is rude to you and have a diabetic comeback ready. (something about amputees to make the second party feel bad about being rude)

-They eat s’mores with you and no one says, “Are you sure you can have that?”

-And sadly I knew this would happen but training on a new pump hungover is the worst idea ever.

I’d write more but not all of it is appropriate to place on here.  Let’s just say the night was a smashing success and I’d do it all over again.