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Happy 17th Diaversary!


Dear Diabetes,

17 years ago my pancreas retired, packed its bags and left my body.  Perhaps it went to Florida though I’m hoping it chose a more exotic locale like Costa Rica to reside in.  We’ve had a go at it.  Some lows, some highs, and I’m not talking just about my blood sugars.  I’m sorry I neglected you when I was a teen, but come on.  My pancreas abandoned me in 8th grade… the absolute worst time to be different than your classmates.  But I got my act together and now we’re on the same page.  (Most of the time) So here’s to another 17 years and hell… let’s add on another 40.

Now what to eat… Cupcakes it is!  Super bolus time!


And I also splurged a little and bought myself a d-necklace from the talented Cari A. whose son has T1D.