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The Panic Button

I recently got a new phone. It’s fancy and has all sorts of new gadgets on it like a heart rate monitor, pedometer and a killer camera. But the best new addition (maybe best for a diabetic) is what I call The Panic Button.

Side note: Another great feature is the ICE contacts. On the home screen (where I have my phone locked) has an option that says Emergency Call.


It then shows up to four numbers you have designated as ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts.


That way if someone finds you passed out, in an accident or you lost your phone, they can easily call someone on your list without giving them access to everything else on your phone.

Anyway, back to The Panic Button. So this feature is pretty amazing. You push the power button on your phone three times in a row and it sends an SOS message to your designated ICE contacts. It sends multiple texts saying either, “I Need Help” or “SOS”. It also gives your coordinates so they can find you. It takes a picture from the front and back of your camera so your contacts can see your surroundings. It will also capture a voice message if you are able to talk.

But when you receive a phone call and you feel like the in-call volume is too loud and you try to turn it down, MAKE SURE YOU PRESS THE RIGHT BUTTON! I accidentally tried to lower the volume using the power button thus causing me to send out Multiple SOS texts to my family. My mom called me right away and asked if I was okay. Nice to know people care but I felt terrible. My brother just laughed and texted back “I see you!”. (The picture unknowingly taken of me during the accidental send was pretty horrific.)

Overall I love the feature but I have to be SUPER careful about when it is in my purse, in my pocket or I am drunk. Or I am just trying to turn the damn volume down.