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Nightmare on Elm Street

Or in my case… Marion Street

I’m sure most people know the premise of Nightmare on Elm Street.  A bunch of teenagers (including Johnny Depp making his big screen debut) are stalked and killed in their dreams (and thus killed in reality) by a severely burned man named Freddy Krueger.  So to avoid being murdered in their sleep they stay awake for days.  They drink pots of coffee, take caffeine pills, listen to blaring music.

Last night I woke up around 4am to a blaring Dexcom saying I was low…and man did I feel crappy.  My tongue was numb, I was sweaty, vision was blurry.  I popped the straw into my nightstand Capri Sun and gulped it down.  Then I waited for the sugar to kick in.  But waiting for your sugar to come, especially in the middle of the night when you are beyond tired, is ridiculously difficult.  I just want to close my eyes and hope I drank enough carbs that will get me through to the morning.  So I went to Facebook, I put on music, and I played a game of Candy Crush waiting until I felt better.  I noticed another D-pal was on Facebook after dealing with her second low of the night.  Her post: “The calories I consumed during my two (yes two) low blood sugars’ refrigerator binges (so far) don’t count. Right? I said right?! (I’m looking at you Halloween)”

That got me thinking. How many of us are there up in the middle of the night at the same time, and what do we all do to pass the time until we feel better?  Granted there are times where I am literally sitting on my kitchen floor, eating straight out of the fridge and the only thing I can do is eat till I feel better.   Then I bolus.  (Don’t judge, we’ve all done it.)

What do you do to stay awake?  Wake up your partner until you feel better?  Walk the halls until you’re not tingly anymore?  Stare at your meter and Dexcom until you see the arrow pointing up to safety? Hopefully no one is taking such drastic measures as the kids living on Elm Street but whatever it takes, right?  They’re trying to survive Freddy, we’re trying to survive a low blood sugar.  It’s all relative… kinda.

Oh and maybe it’s just me but after a middle of the night low, waking up the next morning is almost impossible.  I usually sleep through my alarm, wake up late and then drag ass half the day.  Ugh.

And for your viewing pleasure, Johnny Depp in a belly football shirt.