The 3rd Boob

I love dresses.  I own more than 75 dresses.  I could wear a dress every day.  What I hate is my pump.  Well not my pump necessarily, but my pump in a dress.  (And now all I can think of is dressing my pump in a little dress.  Tee hee so cute)

I’ve sewn hidden pockets.  I’ve cut hole to snake tubing through in dresses.  I’ve worn spanx even though I don’t need them to keep my pump snug against me. I’ve worn the leg garter.  I’ve tucked it into the side of my bra.  I’ve clipped it to the back of a zipper and hope my hair would cover it.  I’ve literally had my underwear fall down because my pump was too heavy and took the whole kit and kaboodle with it.

The one thing I have not been able to do… wear the pump in the middle of my bra.  Ladies, you know the place.  Right there in between your boobs.  I wish I could.  People keep telling me to put it there but I am not well endowed enough to cover the pump’s bulginess.  Yes, that is a word (in my own personal dictionary).  Unless I wear the Carri dress where she was HIDING her pregnancy .  I might be able to hide it in a dress like that but rarely does that dress come along AND look good.  When I try to put my pump in the middle, it just looks like I have a third boob, in the shape of a squarish rectangle.   Not pretty.

This summer I’m in a wedding and I’m trying to figure out where I can place my pump this time.  It’s fairly flowy towards the bottom so I may have to endure Spanx in 90+ degree heat in August to keep it on me.  Pockets are not an option and I’m hopefully not wearing a strapless bra (those suck).  Guess once it comes in I’ll figure something out.  Otherwise, I might just have a third boob.

3 thoughts on “The 3rd Boob

  1. One thing to investigate is the Omnipod Upgrade program. It used to be about $200 and I have no idea what it is now. But you can get the system and use it for those times “when a regular pump just won’t do”. It depends on your insurance whether you can buy one box of pods as part of your infusion set order. Of course then you would have to worry about the pod bulge, but that might be easier than finding a place for the pump. Sarah Kaye of gave me that suggestion when I was going on an extended beach vacation. I didn’t do it, but I always keep it in the back of my mind as something to try.

    Here’s the link to the upgrade program but you have to call to get the price.

    1. This is a really good idea. It looks like it’s $199 for the handheld device out of pocket. Then depending on your insurance, hopefully they’ll cover it even if you’re still buying supplies for your other pump. Guess we’ll see but this is a great option! Thanks for the info!

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