Vampire Cannula

I was cruising right along around 120 all night long.  Perfect for an overnight.  Then I get to work and test my blood sugar before I have coffee and what do I see? 306!  So I test again on a different finger… 303.  And then I do it again because this is tomfoolery…313.  Alright then, I guess something is wrong.  I correct with my pump but then think twice of it.  After it delivered 3 units or so I pulled the site and blood eeks out.  Seriously?  I don’t get why all of a sudden it does that after wearing the site for two days.  So I take a shot out of my backup pen and then put in a new site.  (Thankfully I keep a diabetic stockpile in my desk just in case of events like this.)  But I was so proud of myself for not bumping through the night and then that happens.  Blerg.

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