The “15’s”

It’s been forever and a day since I’ve posted, I know.  Two weddings (in both), all the events that surround them, business trip, fun trip, family emergencies… it has all added up.  Hope to be posting more soon but here’s this one for now.

Who decided the number 15 should be so involved in the diabetes world?

-Low?  Eat 15 grams of carbs and then wait 15 minutes!
Yeah, right.  More like eat 15 grams of carbs, times that by 3 (at the minimum), and if I really feel like it, just eat until I feel better whether that is 15 minutes from now or 30. (Especially middle of the night lows.  Those 4 glucose tabs ain’t gonna calm this sweaty train wreck down)

-Insulin to carb ration is 1 unit for every 15 carbs.
I think that is the starting point for almost every newly diagnosed diabetic.  Over time and trial and error you adjust.  I’m almost positive that was my ratio for years until I went onto a pump which then made fractional units possible. I know you can take ½ units with a syrine but even then… it’s iffy.  But who started it at 15?  Why not 10?

-Take your insulin (at least Humalog when prescribed to me 19 years ago) 15 minutes before eating for it to start working.
When I was first diagnosed they told me to take Humalog 15 minutes before eating so the insulin would peak at the same time my food would, thus stabilizing my sugars a bit more.  I had no clue about fatty foods taking longer to peak, dual waves, square waves, I’m not on a pump and you gotta be kidding me if I have to take another shot 1 hour after I eat wave…  But even 18 years later I RARELY do this.  I try when I drink coffee because it seems no matter what I do, I spike.  I wish I was better about doing it.  But at restaurants you never know how long it’s going to take to come out and I hate having to order a Coke if I go low.  At home if I’m not “cooking” cooking, I am usually just grabbing something and eat it.  It maybe takes 5 minutes to prepare if that and I rarely think to take insulin before then.  I’m hungry now, dangit!

So why is “15” so special!?

Avoiding the Test

Update!  Today is #dblogcheck day! Go leave a comment on every blog post you read in the diabetes community today – even if it’s just a simple, “Check!”. Read more about it on A Consequence of Hypoglycemia.

You feel sluggish, headache building, vision blurry, and let’s be honest… you’re getting a little pissy.  And there it sits, looming like a report card you don’t want to show your parents, your meter.  You see it all the time, so why is it causing anxiety?  Maybe it’s because you might be high.

It’s weird.  I don’t know why I get so nervous about testing.  It’s not like my mom is staring over my shoulder waiting for the 5 second countdown to either praise me or scold me.  I’m a grown woman, yet I still get that sickening feeling in my stomach sometimes.  And the thing is, once I find out my number, I can correct and feel better, so why not?  That’s my internal struggle.  Which feels worse, the high blood sugar or the guilt of why I have one?

I finally tested.  I was at 195.  Not horrible by any means but I still felt bad. Ashamed of myself for having that high and how long I might have left it untreated.

I don’t know if this feeling stems from my childhood…but if it does, that’s a whole other post.

I find it amazing though how a single drop of blood can cause a roller coaster of emotions.

The Panic Button

I recently got a new phone. It’s fancy and has all sorts of new gadgets on it like a heart rate monitor, pedometer and a killer camera. But the best new addition (maybe best for a diabetic) is what I call The Panic Button.

Side note: Another great feature is the ICE contacts. On the home screen (where I have my phone locked) has an option that says Emergency Call.


It then shows up to four numbers you have designated as ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts.


That way if someone finds you passed out, in an accident or you lost your phone, they can easily call someone on your list without giving them access to everything else on your phone.

Anyway, back to The Panic Button. So this feature is pretty amazing. You push the power button on your phone three times in a row and it sends an SOS message to your designated ICE contacts. It sends multiple texts saying either, “I Need Help” or “SOS”. It also gives your coordinates so they can find you. It takes a picture from the front and back of your camera so your contacts can see your surroundings. It will also capture a voice message if you are able to talk.

But when you receive a phone call and you feel like the in-call volume is too loud and you try to turn it down, MAKE SURE YOU PRESS THE RIGHT BUTTON! I accidentally tried to lower the volume using the power button thus causing me to send out Multiple SOS texts to my family. My mom called me right away and asked if I was okay. Nice to know people care but I felt terrible. My brother just laughed and texted back “I see you!”. (The picture unknowingly taken of me during the accidental send was pretty horrific.)

Overall I love the feature but I have to be SUPER careful about when it is in my purse, in my pocket or I am drunk. Or I am just trying to turn the damn volume down.

Didn’t I Just Use You?

I spy my left ring finger and place my poker against it.  Hmmm, something feels off.  I think I used you last time I tested.  I move on.  Next, my right hand pointer finger.  Nope.  Something is still off.  I’m pretty sure You were the finger I used.  I move to my right pinky.  Damn, my memory must be a little off.  I KNOW I just used you.

No brain, it’s not you.  My fingers just want a break.

FYI:  I settled on my left middle finger and after testing, I promptly gave my lancet device, the middle finger.

Best poker in the world

Feeling High…  

And not in a good way.

First of all, hello!  Sorry I took such a long break.  Been super crazy.  I’m officiating a wedding in less than two weeks and then am a bridesmaid the following week.  Been helping plan both: making table decorations, venue walk throughs, hair and makeup trials, learn to bustle wedding dresses… you get the point.

Any way, the past few weeks I have been trying my damnedest not to have my blood sugars go above 170.  Let’s be honest… 140.  Hell, maybe even 120.  But that has me dipping below 70 more often than I would like.  And I’m starting to not feel the lows as I usually do.  Or when I do feel them, I’m already in the 40’s.  (And my new meter, via Omnipod, reads my sugars lower than normal and I’ve had one at 36 another at 29!  I didn’t know meters even read that low!)

But with the tighter control in my sugars, when on occasion I reach the green line on my Dexcom (170), I feel like $h!t.  Achy muscles, headache, all over crappy.  I feel like sugar is eating away at my body.  I don’t know how else to describe it.  Maybe other diabetics know the feeling I’m talking about and explain it in another way.  (I’d love to hear how!)  I use to get this feeling when I was around 220 or 250 but 150-170… no sir, I don’t like.

There’s no real ending to this post.  Just me bitching about side effects of being a diabetic.  The only way to really stop the sluggish high feeling from happening is to make sure I don’t peak over 150 (ummm good luck!) or loosening my control.  Well there’s a no win situation for ya.


So it’s Monday and after 2-3 weeks, I’m still sick. I think I am on the mend but this cough is still nasty.

But I haven’t posted in what feels like forever and sometimes on a Monday, you need a pick me up. I know a lot of people are fascinated by cats these days (not necessarily real life ones) but my friends and I meow at each other, I own this sweatshirt,


and Grumpy Cat is all the rage.  (And rightly so, look at his face!)

So on this fine Monday morning I bring to you a mechanical kitten I came across while at a bachelorette party.  I had to take a video of it for the bride to be because she would appreciate it the most.  I sent her the video along with this message, “I walked past it and it just started to meow and paw at me.  At first it startled me then I sat on the floor with people walking around me so I could record it.  I’m 31…”  She just laughed at me.

Happy Monday and perhaps this week I will finally get my act together and write an actual diabetic post but who knows… I am working nights.

Diabetes Hack… Kind Of?

After years of wearing a pump I realized a great way to avoid messy tubing from sticking out of my pocket or below my shirt.  Let’s say my infusion set is attached to me somewhere on my right side… clip the pump to my left pocket, stretching the tubing across my belly thus reducing the amount of excess tubing left to snag on doorknobs and arm chairs.  Brilliant!  Why haven’t I thought of this before?  I don’t know how well it would work on longer tubing (I get the shortest one out there… 24”?) But right now it is working like a charm.   (Sidenote: I still have to tuck part of the tubing into my pants because I am not two feet wide thank goodness.  But it still is working out great)

And I’m taking a few days off from the blog as I’m headed up to Breckenridge tonight for a bachelorette/bridal shower weekend.   I know a lot of diabetics have a difficult time with maintaining their sugars while drinking.  I have been VERY fortunate that after a night of drinking, I usually wake up with a blood sugar around 120.  I don’t know how I do it but I’m hoping for another drinking with diabetes win!  (knock on wood)  Wish me bolus luck!

Some Days I Should Just Stay Home

So it’s 10am here in Colorado and I’ve already had a fantastic day.

  1. Went to bed last night at 6pm (true story).  Kids were playing in the streets, neighbors were mowing their yards, I was blacking out my windows.  I’ve had a sore throat that feels like I’ve had heartburn but it’s not, for the past four or five days.  Then came a slight cough.  I decided to kick its ass because I have a bachelorette party this weekend and I’m NOT missing it.  So I took drugs and went to sleep. (Note: I’m still sick)
  2. Since I’ve been pseudo sick my blood sugars have been raging so I’ve been bolus/basal raging as well draining my reservoir much sooner than anticipated.  But I brought all my supplies to change out my pump this morning at work… except for insulin.
  3. Xcel (power company) decided to turn off my power this morning to cut down tree branches in the neighborhood getting too close.  That’s fine and all but when I arrive at work late, with dripping hair, no makeup on and somewhat dirty after opening and closing my garage door manually… things could have gone a bit smoother.
  4. I forgot a brush to dry my hair with at work.
  5. A strap on my sandal broke, now making it an annoying flip flop version of itself.
  6. And I just realized that I forgot my entire diabetes kit at home including my meter and back up pen.  But I have a new reservoir and infusion set!

Can it be 5pm yet?

And I realize this is more of a rant than diabetes post but some days, I need to vent.